Does Your Landing Page Stand Out Above the Fold? Follow These Tips!

When we’re online, we “land” on various pages all the time. We click links on social media that redirect us to another page, or we use a search engine and select one of the available choices to take us to a specific website. But, once you’re on the landing page, does it speak to you? Do you get the information you need quickly? Are you able to identify the main information as you scroll down the page?

Does Your Landing Page Stand Out Above the Fold? Follow These Tips!

In reality, most of us never scroll down once we’ve landed on a page, or if we do, it’s only to briefly skim for pertinent information. If you own a small or medium-sized business, it is important that your website has landing pages that accurately reflect what you have to offer at the top of the page so your customers immediately respond. After all – what good is the “Contact Us” pLanding Pagesage if your customer never sees the button to schedule services?

Here are a few important tips for creating great landing pages that grab your customers’ attention and encourage them to contact you for services even if they never scroll down.


First things first – landing pages need a great headline. Not only should it accurately reflect the previous link your customer has chosen, but it should also clearly state what you are offering. This should be at the top of your page, big and bold, so your customer knows they have “landed” in the right place.

For example, you can pose a leading question:  “Is Your Home Energy Efficient?” Or, it could be a clear offer: “Receive a $500 Gift Card with Your Next Heating Equipment Purchase.”




Just below your headline is a second statement that is going to tell your customer WHY they should contact you for services. It’s not just about getting the gift card or a free assessment, but the other benefits they will enjoy by contacting your business.

Examples: “Limited Time Offer – Ask Us about Our Free Energy Assessment!” or “Enjoy Greater Comfort during the Cold Winter Months.”

Bullet Points

Once your customer has landed on your page, you want to let them know two things:

A) They can TRUST you to do a better job than the competition.
B) They will enjoy all the benefits.



By listing a few bullet points at the top of your page, you can let your customer know that you are an expert in your field whom they can trust and that they have come to the right company for their needs. You can keep it simple because the important part is that your potential customer gets complete information even if they are skimming.

  • “Learn where your home is losing energy.”
  • “Keep your home comfortable all year long.”
  •  “Protect your home against energy loss.”

Contact Form & Call to Action

If your customer has taken the time to click on your landing pages, you don’t want to lose them by having a contact button that is out of sight. Make sure you have your contact form visible and available with a call to action.

“Call Us Today!” or “Receive Your Gift Card Now!”

Additionally, you can include a “Call to Action” in your headlines or in your bullet points so your customers are encouraged to contact you as soon as possible. Customers are more likely to fill out a form if they see a bold call to action and have a form that is readily available at the top than if they have to scroll down to find your contact button at the bottom of the page. Make it easy for them to contact you! Contact_Landing
Photo or Video

Having great graphics on your landing pages gives your customers the ideal image of what their future could look like. Whether you have a picture of that $500 gift card or a family sitting comfortably on their couch in the winter, great photos and videos can go a long way to helping you reach your target. Just make sure they are relevant to your topic!

One final note: Just because you have great information above the fold doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest of the writing that goes on your landing pages. If a customer does in fact take the time to read your page, you will want to continue to draw them in with more great information about your products and services. This is also a great time to include customer testimonials and statistics about your success rate.

  • “We loved the results when we called! – George & Vivian F.”
  • “98% of our customers come from referrals.”

Building your business and your customer base gets easier when you create great landing pages with clear information above the fold. This will help you reach and retain potential customers more easily — they are looking for quick answers, and you are providing easy solutions.

Would you add any critical components to this list for landing pages? Let us know what you think!


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